Photo courtesy of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Public Participation

The public participation program for the Environmental Assessment (EA) is designed to enable Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority (RDUAA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to consult effectively with the general public, concerned interest groups, and public agencies about their views, concerns, and ideas regarding the scope and content of the EA and, ultimately, the adequacy of the EA environmental analyses. Public participation for the EA will be conducted in accordance with FAA Order 1050.1F and FAA Order 5050.4B. Materials presented at any public meetings will be posted on this website following the meetings. If special accommodations, such as audio or visual assistance, are required to view any of the information on this page, or if Internet access is not available, please leave a message at 984 275 3167.


Due to health precautions and public health guidance related to COVID-19, there was no in-person public scoping meeting. The Airport Authority and FAA posted a public scoping presentation for the public to review the Proposed Action, the EA process, and to learn more about the purpose and need, potential alternatives, and the environmental resources to be analyzed. The public scoping presentation was made available on the EA public website on July 21, 2021. The public scoping period was from July 21, 2021 to August 23, 2021. In addition to public scoping, the Airport Authority and the FAA conducted an agency scoping meeting on August 4, 2021. At this meeting, the Airport Authority presented information about the Proposed Action and the preliminary scope of environmental analysis to be included in the EA.

  • Public Scoping Presentation (link to YouTube and pdf)
  • Agency Scoping Presentation (pdf)

The Airport Authority and the FAA asked the public and the agencies to provide comments to help identify potential environmental issues deserving more focused study in the EA. All the public and agency comments received during the scoping comment period from federal, state, and local agencies, organizations, and individuals were collected and are being reviewed by the Airport Authority and the FAA in their entirety. There were 138 public comment submissions and six agency comment submissions for a total of 144 total comment submissions. There were 128 individuals from the public who provided submissions and a number of people who submitted more than one comment.   

  • Public Scoping Comments Received (pdf)
  • Agency Scoping Comments Received (pdf)

The Airport Authority and the FAA are considering all comments as the approach to the environmental review is finalized and as the environmental analysis is conducted. Responses to the scoping comments received are anticipated to be published in the Draft EA.  The scoping comments received fell into 17 major topics:

  1. General Comments
  2. Proposed Action
  3. Purpose and Need
  4. Alternatives
  5. William B. Umstead State Park
  6. Noise
  7. Biological Resources
  8. Air Quality/Climate
  9. Water Resources
  10. Hazardous Materials
  11. Public Outreach
  12. Study Areas
  13. Historical, Architectural, Archeological, and Cultural Resources
  14. U.S. Department of Transportation 4(f)
  15. Cumulative Impacts
  16. Environmental Justice
  17. Energy Efficiency and Recycling