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John Glenn
Columbus International airport

Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study


The Columbus Regional Airport Authority is in the process of updating the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study for the John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH). The Part 150 Study process is designed to identify noise incompatibilities surrounding an airport, and to recommend measures to both correct existing incompatibilities and to prevent future incompatibilities. For Part 150 Study purposes, noise incompatibilities are defined as residences or public use noise-sensitive facilities (libraries, churches, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals) within the 65 Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL) noise contour.

The purpose for conducting a Part 150 Study is to develop a balanced and cost-effective plan for reducing current noise impacts from the airport’s operations, where practical, and to limit additional impacts in the future.

Among the general goals and objectives addressed by a Part 150 Study are the following:

  • To reduce, where feasible, existing and forecasted noise levels over existing noise-sensitive land uses
  • To reduce new noise-sensitive developments near the airport
  • To mitigate, where feasible, adverse impacts in accordance with Federal guidelines
  • To provide mitigation measures that are sensitive to the needs of the community and its stability
  • To be consistent, where feasible, with local land use planning and development policies

The Part 150 Study for CMH was last updated in 2007. That 2007 Study developed aircraft Noise Exposure Maps for current (2006) and future (2012) conditions, evaluated air traffic control procedures that could be implemented to reduce noise exposure over residential areas, considered land use controls that could be established to reduce future incompatible land uses from being developed within high noise areas, and evaluated means to mitigate noise impacts within high noise exposure areas.


The Draft Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update Report is available for public review. More information about this report is available on the Documents & Reports page.

A Public Meeting / Hearing was held to present the findings and obtain public comments on the Draft Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update Report. The meeting was held virtually. More information about the meeting is included on the Public Meetings page.

CMH Part 150

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